Senior Van

In March 2001 we entered into an Interlocal Agreement with the Borough of Haworth and now have a van available to senior citizens Monday through Friday. Seniors just need to call 385-3577 and leave a message with the following information: 1. Date and time that you would like to make use of the van 2. Location that the driver should pick you up (from) 3. Destination that you want to get to 4. Approximate length of visit/When you would like the driver to return to bring you home. You will always get an answering machine, but all messages are picked up daily, Monday thru Friday between 6 and 9 p.m. You need to give at least 3 days notice, but you can book something (i.e. trip for a doctor’s appointment) as much as 2-3 months in advance! Doctor appointments will always take priority over shopping or other trips for pleasure. The coordinator/driver will call you back to confirm your reservation. In the case of plans made months in advance, and will also call you the night before to re-confirm arrangements.


If you have any questions/problems call

Harrington Park Borough Hall 201-768-1700 or

Haworth Borough Hall 201-384-4785.